How to Choose the Best Body Detox Cleanse for You

A common question when it comes to cleansing or detoxing the body is how to choose the best body detox cleanse for you? After all, you definitely want your body detox cleanse to get the best possible results and align with your wellness goals. 

So how do you know which is the best DIY detox to choose?

3 Shocking Body Detox Success Secrets You Need to Know

First, it's important to shine a light on common body detox myths and misleading fads that don't work so you don't waste your time or money on these deceptive trends. 

1. Expensive, Complicated Cleanses Are Often Not Effective

One of the biggest problems with the body detox and cleanse industry is that people are often misled by "gurus" selling cleanse and detox programs and supplements that are expensive and ineffective.

The truth is that one of the great things about using natural tools to help yourself is that most of the time the cheap and easy methods work best. Anyone who has spent decades in the natural and wellness industry, like us, knows this is true! Unfortunately, some people are not focused on the right things and might even take advantage of people looking for a detox or cleanse approach. 

Thus, if you run across a cleanse or detox method that costs a lot of money, please evaluate it carefully before spending your hard-earned cash. Especially, be weary of any "guru" who wants to charge you a large consulting fee or sell you expensive products or supplements. 

A lot of time these expensive detox cleanses center around super expensive juices. In our many years of detox experience, expensive juice cleanses rank very low in effectiveness. This isn't saying that you shouldn't use fresh fruits and vegetables to cleanse...but a juice-only cleanse doesn't actually shift your body into real change. Also, drinking just juice can drive health problems and dangerous binge eating. 

2. Starving Yourself Doesn't Detox Your Body and Can Be Dangerous

There is this dangerous false notion that to detox your body, you need to starve yourself to give your body a "rest." This doesn't work in our busy, modern world and can cause more harm than good. 

Not only do we have the problem of toxin overload in our bodies, but many of us have health issues—like blood sugar issues—that make starvation cleanses really scary. Also, this style of cleansing doesn't actually work.

To detox your body effectively, you need to nourish and shift your body into real change. This means using natural tools to promote your wellness from the inside out. This is not accomplished by starving yourself, but rather healing so your body can dispel toxins. This is why the right detox cleanse methods feel good when you do them...not harsh and punishing. 

3. Short Cleanses Do Not Work

Often times people are caught up in fads or detox diets that "sound good," but offer no real benefits or results. 

While a one day or short cleanse might sound appealing, doing something for a few days is not going to get you the results you desire...or any results at all. 

This is like saying that you are going to go to the gym for a few days and get results. Not possible. However, just because you need to put more time into your detox cleanse, it's easy to cleanse effectively when you know what to do. 

What Cleanse Results Do You Want to Achieve?

How to Choose The Best Body Detox For You

First, consider exactly what you want to accomplish with your detox cleanse AND be as specific with yourself as possible! For instance, a common desired cleanse outcome is to lose weight, but to get the best results it's important to drill down on the factors that you feel are most contributing to your weight issue.

For instance, are you an emotional eater or did you gain weight due to a trauma in your life? That would point to an emotional cause as your primary issue. Or, perhaps you are dealing with a physical cause for your weight gain, such as an injury or chronic health condition that makes losing weight harder for you. 

To find the best cleanse for you, drill down into what is causing your issue. 

Use These Two Cause Indicators to Choose the Best Detox Cleanse for Your Desired Results

Divide your journal into sections by writing down these two areas to explore: Emotional and Physical. Now you are ready to use these two factors to find your perfect cleanse and detox method. 

Another great thing about journaling is that you can be completely honest with yourself and you don't have to share it with anyone. This is where you explore and come to the best solution for you. 

Emotional Reasons for Cleansing

Start by looking at your emotions when it comes to determining your best cleanse method. Is the primary reason that you want to do a detox cleanse is because you feel there is an emotional cause behind your issue? If so, you want to look for cleanses that have a strong mind/body component.

Since gut health is intricately connected to mood, a powerful gut cleanse may be exactly what you need to reset your emotions. Take a look at the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge to see if this is a fit for you and your goals. 

Another way to cleanse for your emotional health is to look at activities such as yoga and other mind/body movement programs that help you reconnect to yourself and balance your emotions. Also, take a look at how food chemicals and toxic overload might be affecting your mind and how you feel. Doing a heavy metal/food additive/environmental cleanse can help flush out toxins that might be negatively affecting your emotions and contributing to your anxiety and stress. 

Make sure to carefully look at all your medications and speak with your health practitioner to confirm that whatever cleanse method you choose works with your existing wellness strategy. 


Physical Reasons for Cleansing 

Next, consider the physical reasons that you might want to cleanse. Often, alleviating chronic, nagging physical symptoms (like bloating or headaches) is a primary reason people want to cleanse. 

Focusing on key areas of the body can improve your wellness to fight nagging physical conditions. Liver and kidney cleanses can offer multiple benefits because these vital organs are often connected to many chronic conditions. 

*Please remember that starving yourself to "give your liver or kidneys a rest" is not actually cleansing or detoxing and can be downright dangerous! Fasting can drive toxins deeper into your body and lead to binge eating and other health concerns. Plus, we've found from 20 years of cleanse research, starvation style detox cleanse methods are not effective. 

Instead you always want to make sure that your cleansing and detoxing tools honor your busy lifestyle, fuels your energy and positively heals and nourishes your body. 

So if your focus is to cleanse a particular organ or system within your body, you want to actively utilize tools and methods that boost the health of the area you are targeting! This might mean a tea focused detox or embarking on a comprehensive cleanse program.

Whatever cleanse or detox method you choose, carefully evaluate the impact that it can have before you start. While detox supplements might sound like an easy solution, you need to make sure that a supplement comes in a form that your body can recognize as food and actually utilize. 

That's why it's great to embark on a detox or cleanse that features various natural cleansing methods beyond just one supplement. Following a proven cleanse and detox blueprint can offer holistic and meaningful results. 

Of course you always want to consult your doctor to make sure a cleanse or detox is the right choice for you. 

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