Top 5 Salt Lamps Under $25

Top 5 Salt Lamps Under $25

More people are looking to integrate salt lamps into their work and home environments. 

Natural Salt Lamp benefits include improving breathing, reducing allergy and asthma symptoms, improving oxygen flow, creating a better sleep environment and reducing stress.

Natural Salt Lamps work by emitting negative ions to help to clear electronic smog.

Here are our top five salt lamp selections under $25 to make it simple to integrate these healing salts into your life. Plus, these Himalayan Salt products make perfect gifts! 

100% Authentic d’Aplomb Himalayan Salt Lamp for Essential Oils w/ Natural Wood Base; Glass Diffusing Bowl and dimmer

This beautiful dual purpose salt lamp has a warming bowl on top to gently warm invigorating essential oils, creating an inviting and healing atmosphere for any space including your bedroom, meditation room or office.

The salt lamp is made from 250-million-year-old salt from the Himalayan Mountains and measures approximately 7 in. x 4.5 in. x 4.5 in.

It includes two 25-watt bulbs and a UL-Listed electrical cord and dimmer switch set to allows for gradual dimming and brightening.

Natural Salt Rock Lamp with Retro Forest Basket and Dimmer Switch

This romantic and stunning retro forest salt lamp features authentic natural salt stone mined in the foothills of the Himalayas.

What makes it so distinct is the way that the pink salt crystals give off a gorgeous soft glow that shines through the decorative forest design.

Also the surrounding cage works to protect the salt crystal so that you do not have to touch it with your hands. 

Not only does it make the perfect gift, but it can literally transform the feeling in any room you place it in. 

2 Pack Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Lights

Natural Shaped imported from Pakistan, this 2 pack of Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Lights are carefully hand mined in the Himalayan mountains.

Since the night lights are organic, they feature a natural rock formation that is unique in pattern, color, shape and weight.

Safe and non-toxic, you can add these night lights to any room to create a more peaceful and restful environment. 

Authentic Pink Himalayan Salt Rocks, Light Dimmer with 5 Levels, 2 Bulbs, and USB Power Cable

Brighten your space and add a soft, inviting glow with this versatile 5 Level Authentic Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp. Use the touch button control to customize the lamp’s brightness to fit your mood or task.

It features 100% Pink Himalayan salt naturally mined in Pakistan and hand-selected for quality and beauty.

An amazing work light, this salt lamp includes a 5-foot USB cable to create a healthier work environment. This is a great gift for someone who spends a lot of time in a home office. 

Himalayan Secrets Set of 4 Himalayan Tequila Shot Glass Set

OK, so this isn't a salt lamp, but is just too cool not to mention! These 100% edible hand-carved Himalayan Crystal Salt Shot Glasses add a subtle salty taste to your favorite tequila or whisky. Plus, you get the wellness benefits of pure Himalayan salt every time you sip! 

They are also great for enjoying hot chocolate or speciality coffee drinks!

Each shot glass is 3" tall and there are four glasses in a set. Perfect for those special occasions or as an unique gift!

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