The Money Cleanse

The Money Cleanse

By: Chelsea Vurciaga

You are probably wondering how can it be easy to use natural methods to attract money, success and abundance?

A better question is why should it be hard?

Created from decades of research, The Money Cleanse will introduce you to easy natural ways to reset, renew and embrace your relationship with money, success and abundance.

It will also give you powerful tips to clear money blocks that are holding you back. 

AND, unlike other resources, The Money Cleanse goes BEYOND thinking exercises to introduce you to easy, but powerful wellness strategies to use to connect with abundance and success. 

THIS ISN'T WOO-WOO CRAP, but actual proven natural wellness principles, methods and techniques that come from a lifetime of research and results! 

Healing Your Money Centers for Success 

Did you know that your pineal and pituitary glands are epicenters for realizing your potential and achieving success? 

Often referred to as the "third eye," the pineal gland is the only other organ in our bodies beside our eyes that can perceive light. This often forgotten gland has been celebrated since ancient times for its connection to powerful intuition. Interestingly, the cross-section of the pineal gland looks exactly like the all-knowing eye that is often depicted in ancient art. 

The pituitary gland is another master gland that secretes important hormones we need to function. When the pituitary gland is not working properly, it can bring feelings of confusion, depression and overall lack of awareness. 

Unfortunately, these glands are easily blocked and/or closed due to environmental toxins and emotional trauma, which can dramatically hinder intuition, drive and ultimately your ability to realize the money and success you deserve.

The Money Guide will teach you gentle and effective natural methods to cleanse, detox, heal and nourish your pineal and pituitary glands to help you achieve your goals.  

Money and Gut Health Connection

The last thing you might be considering is the interplay between your digestive system and your relationship with money. 

However, gut health directly impacts the way we think, feel, act and connect with our goals. 

In fact, more research is showing that gut health drives our moods, thinking processes and our innate ability to find our own powerful path. 

Think about the sayings "I had a gut feeling" or "always follow your gut." Often we forget that common sayings like these are rooted in deep truth and driving principles for success. 

Thus, if your gut health is off, it can be really difficult to find the confidence, attitude and direction needed to fulfill your goals. 

When it comes to digestive health, getting rid of parasitic infections can be life-changing and dramatically help clear the pathway to monetary success. 

Particularly, by healing the digestive tract, it can unlock your "ah-ha" intuition and help you get "unstuck."

The fact is that there is a powerful connection between having a backed up digestive system and being backed up in life! Once you get your digestive system flowing again with simple, but powerful cleansing methods, it can also get your relationship with money flowing again! 

That's why as a special spring bonus, we are including The Money Cleanse as a FREE bonus guide within the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge

The 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge is a powerful, yet easy cleanse that enables you to use simple natural methods to heal and nourish your entire digestive system by getting rid of harmful parasitic infections.

It works in tandem with The Money Cleanse to help you improve your digestive health and renew and revive your connection with money. 

Overcoming Fears Surrounding Money

We live in a world where many people relate money with fear. Thus, when someone is creating energy around money it can center on a permanent state of worry.

It is hard to attract abundance when you are in a constant state of fear.

The fact is that most people have longterm fear, trauma and ingrained negative beliefs surrounding money. Especially when so many of us have experienced challenging times. 

Also, it can seem "strange" at first to stop associating money with fear and scarcity when we need money to live. You might be wondering how this is possible?

The Money Cleanse will introduce you to simple steps to help you let go of fear and find new confidence to get on your own powerful pathway to success!

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