The First Step to Using Crystals

The First Step to Using Crystals

Chelsea here...Founder of the Natural Products Network and Lifetime Crystal Student...

You are probably wondering how I know how to use crystals. Well it actually all began before I was even born. 

My mother had an inclination toward seeking out healthy alternatives and happened to live in Boulder, Colorado which has always been at the forefront of natural living. 

Thus, while she was pregnant with me, she began learning about how to start a healthy lifestyle and I was literally born into it. 

I can tell you that, unlike now, when I was growing up it certainly wasn't cool to learn about natural living and natural wellness techniques! I remember my friends teasing me about not having junk food at home and being baffled by things such as essential oils and crystals.

However, being immersed in natural living was completely normal to me and I was lucky enough to grow up studying with prominent wellness experts from all other the world!

With that said, I'm actually super Americanized and strongly believe in balance! You won't ever see me posing on a cliff doing a yoga pose (although I love yoga) or telling people that they have to eat a strictly organic diet. In fact, I like to share what I've learned in a neutral, non-judgmental way.

One thing I can tell you with utmost confidence is growing up studying with experts in natural wellness is the exact opposite of what you'll find on Instagram these days! Thus, it's important to me to keep things as authentic as possible! 

Crystals are one of my favorite natural tools to use to enhance my life! But...I've found that it is CRUCIAL to know how to use crystals to get the best results. I've utilized crystal healing to build positive energy, remove negative blocks and attract the right people and opportunities. 

I'm so excited to share all the knowledge about crystals meanings that I've gathered in my lifetime of crystal study and crystal experience! 

How to Start Your Crystal Practice in the Right Way to Get Results 

Imagine you are standing in line to speak with a customer service representative to get the help that you want.

Now, imagine that when you reach the front of the line the customer service rep asks "What can I help you with?"

But, you don't respond.

Instead of responding, you reach into your pocket and pull out a few beautiful crystals and place them up on the customer service counter in front of you.

Would that customer service representative be able to help you with your request? Absolutely not!

Now, imagine you are frustrated because you still want help, so you go back to that same customer service representative with even more crystals. Would that work? Um... NO!

Unless you actually ask for what you want in a way you can be understood, the customer service rep cannot help you.

It doesn't matter how many beautiful crystals and stones you bring with you and place on the customer service counter. If you don't actually ask for what you want, in a way that is actionable, and aligns with you, there is no chance to get the right energy or help for your goals.

This is why you have to START your crystal practice by clearly and coherently asking for what you want.

Just having crystals is not enough!

Now, you are probably wondering: What is the right way to ask for what I want in my crystal practice?!

The Fact is Most Crystal Collectors Never Use Their Crystals

Most people only collect crystals and stones and place them on display.

Just collecting crystals and stones is like buying vibrant paints and never painting a picture! You can't just collect your crystals and expect them to work! You have to actually USE your crystals and stones to get results! 

Think of crystal energy as that customer service department that wants to help you. 

This is nothing religious, but rather just learning how to ask for, use and build positive crystal energy to enhance your life. 

We look at this as "our calling" or "getting on the right path" or "fulfilling our mission in life." This isn't complicated, but rather just an understanding that there is an energetic force to help people achieve great things and make positive things happen.

Crystals enable you to tap into this energy! These ancient tools can attract the right energy, abundance, opportunities and cool people into your life!

This is why it is vital that you start your crystal practice in the right direction!

Therefore, if you want to be successful with crystals, you need to first know how to set the right crystal goals.

This is actually harder than it sounds, but easy once you know what to do.

It is called "setting a crystal intention."

Yet, most people simply make a wish and think they are setting an intention and therefore can't achieve the desired results.

In fact, it is SO VITAL to learn how to properly set your intention within your crystal practice that I've created a step-by-step guide sharing this ancient secret.

Doing this first step correctly affects every component of your crystal practice from choosing the right crystals to attracting the right energy with your crystals.

Properly setting a crystal intention is where your crystal success begins! 

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