Super Detox Smoothies Guide

Super Detox Smoothies Guide

For so many people, making smoothies is a way of life. However, have you ever thought that you are doing it wrong...or you can do it better?

What more, have you noticed that there appears to be "one way" to make smoothies that is often shared online? Basically, what a lot of the recipes say is that you just blend fruits and/or veggies and hope for the best!

However, I can tell you that there IS more that you can get out of your morning smoothie by integrating a few simple tips and hacks. 

That's why I created Super Detox Smoothies Guide. Here, you will learn a four part process to amp up your smoothies so that you get more wellness benefits. 

I built this smoothie guide based on my lifetime of experience in natural wellness. 

Start by Making Your Smoothie Safe

But first, I'm going to give you an important element of making smoothies that so many people do not follow!

Please make sure to wash your blender and all the parts with soap and water after every use, especially the base!

NSF International, a public health and safety organization did a study in which they examined bacterias that are lurking in people's homes. Turns out that one of the hidden culprits is the base of your blender!

In fact, they found blender bases among the top home hazards, testing positive for SalmonellaE. coli, yeast, and mold! Yikes! 

Thus, please make sure to carefully wash the base of your blender after every use! Also consider using apple cider vinegar or a few drops of oregano oil in your washing process to ward off blender bacteria.

Super Detox Smoothie Basics

Now that you have a fresh and clean blender, you are ready to create powerful detox smoothies.

One basic component to consider is what you hope to achieve out of your smoothie? Try and get as specific as possible. Do you want to fight your digestive tract...detox heavy metals and/or pollution?

A key mistake that people make with smoothies is trying to be too "general" with their smoothie purpose. 

It's has fruits and veggies so I guess that will help me *somehow.*

Instead, get really intentional with your smoothies by focusing on one or two goals that you want to get out of your morning smoothie routine. 

Furthermore, use your smoothies as a canvas for your overall wellness goals. 

Keep in mind that making smoothies is a healthy habit that you want to make the most of! 

Thus, try integrating ingredients over and beyond fruits and veggies that will have help you with your specific goals!

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