How to Eat Healthy This Summer

How to Eat Healthy This Summer

Can't wait to celebrate summer meals with your family and friends, but looking for some healthier alternatives to add to your festivities? Check out some easy ways to make your next outdoor BBQ not only taste great, but be better for you! 

Elevated Denver Hot Dog Featuring Colorado Green Chili Sauce, Applegate DO GOOD DOG and bred Fresh Artisan Breads.

The Denver hot dog recipe is a Denver favorite as it incorporates Colorado Green Chili! Now you elevate this classic recipe!

Start with a buttery, delicious GMO-free Brioche Hoagie Roll from bred, fill it with an Applegate DO GOOD DOG and top with diced red onion, diced jalapenos, Colorado Green Chili Sauce and a dollop of sour cream. Simple and delicious!

If you know anything about Colorado, you know that Colorado Green Chili Sauce has been a hand-crafted favorite since 1956 and bred is THE bakery available at Natural Grocers!

Applegate's DO GOOD DOG is the first hot dog of its kind. Not only does it feature natural ingredients, but it features beef raised on verified regenerative U.S. grasslands.

What exactly are regenerative practices and why does this matter?

Emerging research shows that, regenerative practices, such as holistic managed grazing, have the potential to better the environment and mitigate climate change. Animals raised right can play a vital role in a healthy food system and our future!

The Good Crisp Company

We all know that chips are a staple at any outdoor celebration, so why not choose chips that are great tasting, but free of the guilt!?

The Good Crisp Company takes making the perfect chip very seriously. It took them over two years to create a chip that lives up to their high standards for taste while being free of allergens and artificial ingredients. Now, they have added Cheese Balls to the mix which are also absolutely delicious and free of the junk!

Smoothie Popsicles 

It can be hard to find a healthy dessert option for kids, and these Smoothie Popsicles do just the trick! Simply cut up some fresh blueberries and/or strawberries and add them to layers of Lifeway Kefir to create flavors in your popsicle molds! 

Kefir is a probiotic cultured milk smoothie that is high in protein, calcium and vitamin D. Lifeway Kefir offers an exclusive blend of 12 live and active probiotics cultures. Think of Kefir as a healthy cousin to yogurt! 

Even though the name "kefir" might not sound like something kids will like, little ones actually dig the taste and smoothie quality of Kefir - especially in these frozen pops! 

Natural Heartburn Relief

We all know the feeling…you’re at an amazing BBQ celebration and suddenly heartburn strikes! This time plan ahead by stocking up on plant powered heartburn relief that’s easy to throw into your purse or summer activities bag. 

Acidil’s meltaway tablets are made with plant-based active ingredients and melt easily in the mouth to relieve acid indigestion, bloating, and upset stomach. Easy to take without water, Acidil can be used anytime so you don’t miss out on the fun! Get a $2 off coupon for Acidil here!  

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