How to do a Sequence Body Cleanse

How to do a Sequence Body Cleanse

By: Chelsea Vurciaga

Chances are you have never heard about a sequence body cleanse and are wondering what it is and how it can help you get new wellness results. 

I understand this, as most people have no idea about cleanse methods, how sequence cleansing works or how to use it to get a deep, full body cleanse and detox.

I'm here to tell you how to do a sequence body cleanse to help you reach your wellness goals...and even inspire new ones! 

I've had the fortunate experience to grow up immersed in natural wellness and have spent the majority of my life studying various natural methods and techniques. 

One thing that I've noticed is that a lot of the information online about cleansing and detoxing is incomplete, misleading or just plain wrong. 

I'm basing my opinion on decades of research and study with top wellness experts and my own cleansing experiences. I'm also taking into account many others' cleansing experiences I've witnessed over the years. 

What Most Cleanse and Detox Programs Get Wrong

Cleansing and detoxing should NEVER involve starvation. 

Not only is it unhealthy to deprive yourself of food, but it can be really dangerous. People are busy and need to eat to fuel their bodies. 

Also, starvation cleanses do not work. Think about it. Putting your body into starvation mode creates a shock to your system and will actually cause most of us to overeat once the "cleanse" is complete. That is if we can even get through a starvation-style cleanse in the first place! 

Another thing that most cleanse and detox diets miss is this idea that you can do something for a day or two to "clean out your system."

That's similar to saying that you can work out two days and get in shape. Not going to happen. 

Another dangerous aspect of starvation style cleanses is that these cleanses can actually drive toxins deeper into the body. A lot of these cleanses were initially developed in a far different time when there weren't so many environmental toxins. For instance, today you should NEVER do a water only cleanse due to environmental toxin accumulation. 

In my experience, the best and most effective way to cleanse and detox the body is to utilize a sequence body cleanse, which means performing a series of cleanse and detox activities over a series of days. 

Best of all, these cleanse and detox methods are easy to accomplish and respect your busy lifestyle. 

How to do a Sequence Body Cleanse

The goal of a sequence body cleanse is to shift the body into a healing state through consistent cleansing and detoxing over a period of consecutive days.

Thus, you want to focus on performing repetitive healing actions during your sequence body cleanse. 

While some of the cleansing and detoxing activities should be food and drink related, you also want to use additional methods like bodywork, aromatherapy and reflexology.

The key is to promote a constant, full body cleansing state that feels good and creates a noticeable impact on how you look and feel. 

While you need to perform continuous cleansing activities during your cleanse, in my vast experience, these activities do not need to be hard to create amazing results. 

For instance, you may use tea as a component of your sequence body cleanse. Thus, you will drink a cup of tea each day for your cleansing period. 

It is important to remember that tea is medicinal and you should always consult with your doctor about any new tea blend to make sure it is a good fit for you.

Another component of your sequence body cleanse might be focused yoga or bodywork that you do in conjunction with your daily tea.

Furthermore, you want to look at stopping unhealthy activities during your cleanse. This might mean quitting alcohol or giving up soda. Again, you do NOT want to create a state of deprivation so what you give up should be focused, intentional, minimal, but impactful. 

Are you starting to see how a sequence body cleanse works? 

If you are intrigued by sequence body cleansing and healing, here is an exact targeted sequence body cleanse blueprint that I developed based on my decades of cleanse and detox experience

I'm dedicated to this form of cleansing and detoxing due to my own life changing results

My goal is to share what I've spent my life learning to help you discover the most effective DIY self care wellness strategies!

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