How to Detox on a Budget

How to Detox on a Budget

If you want to detox on a budget, I have really great news for you. 

After spending 20 years studying the most effective ways to cleanse and detox, I've found that a lot of the most effective detox methods are inexpensive and easy to accomplish.

However, the fact that an effective cleanse method can cost a lot less (and work better!) than a costly one can be difficult for people to understand and accept. 

Let me explain. 

Most people are inclined to believe that we "get what we pay for." Thus, people often purchase expensive options because they believe that expensive is "better."

Unfortunately, this mentality has really affected the whole wellness industry. 

It actually makes me sad when I see hopeful people purchasing very expensive wellness products when my lifetime experience has taught me that cost has nothing to do with quality and effectiveness.

In particular, it makes me upset when I see all these super expensive "Juice Cleanses" that cost hundreds of dollars...and oftentimes offer little reward. 

Two huge problems with juice cleanses is that often the juice doesn't actually do anything to detox your body AND most juice cleanses require starvation methods that are just plain bad for you!

Plus, the fact that the majority of people overindulge after a painful and fruitless juice cleanse can put them in a worst position than before the cleanse!

Methods to Detox and Cleanse on a Budget

When focusing on how to detox on a budget, seek out methods that offer a complete, gentle and holistic approach and work specifically for your needs. 

For instance, perhaps you want to detox your skin. 

We know that the skin is the largest organ of the body, yet most people just focus on applying creams and such topically to the face. 

So how can you detox your skin in a meaningful, deep and holistic way?

One of my favorite methods is using Strawberry Leaf Tea, which delivers vital antioxidants.

I've found that simple Strawberry Leaf Tea helps to clear acne, sun spots and brighten the overall quality of my skin. In fact, I've found that it works better than any expensive "skin detox cream" I've tried AND it costs so much less! 

Keep in mind that teas ARE medicine and thus please make sure to check with your doctor before adding ANY new tea into your diet! 

Here are some of my other favorite budget friendly detox products. 

Three Amazing Budget Friendly Detox Products

Psyllium husk and seed—This detox product helps to soften hardened mucous that is lining the bowel wall, thus facilitating the elimination of debris that is "clinging" onto your bowels.

Often when people first use psyllium, they eliminate waste that comes out in the shape of the intestines! Also, using psyllium can produce a very large bowel movement in those that have been "backed up" for a long time. Please always consult your doctor first before using psyllium. 

Activated Charcoal—No, this is not charcoal from your grill! Activated Charcoal is a specific supplement that works by binding to toxins like a magnet. I like to open up the activated charcoal tablets and rub the contents all over my gums to pull out toxins from my mouth. I just let it sit in my mouth for awhile and then spit it out.

You can also use activated charcoal internally as instructed on the bottle. Please check with your doctor before using activated charcoal. Please note that activated charcoal can bind and remove certain medications from the body, thus you definitely need to consult with your doctor before using! 

Blue Malva/Mallow Tea - This tea has a long history stretching back over 5,000 years to Ancient China. It produces a bright, vibrant purple color when brewed. Blue Malva is a great option for detoxing as it is known to fight inflammation and support overall cardiovascular health. Again, check with your doctor before using Blue Malva/Mallow Tea.  

The Best Overall Budget-Friendly Cleanse Program 

I love to utilize the “cleansing hacks” that I have learned throughout my life. These are the secret cleansing tools that turn up the results to get the most out of a cleanse. 

That's why I created the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge.

In the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge, I give you the exact parasite cleansing sequence that utilizes easy natural tools. Best of all, you will discover a powerful cleanse you can use to improve your life! In fact, parasite cleansing just might be the key missing piece you are looking for!

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