Best Crystal Healing Guide

Best Crystal Healing Guide

Why I Created the Seven Steps to Crystal Success

Chelsea here...Founder of the Natural Products Network and lifetime natural living student. I created the Seven Steps to Crystal Success to deliver an easy-to-follow guide featuring the vital information you need to use crystals and stones to attract what you want in life.

I have spent my entire life studying with experts in natural wellness and most of the crystal healing info I've seen online is too complicated for beginners or just plain WRONG.

I developed this course based on years of studying with experts and my own powerful experiences attracting success, romance, new career opportunities, money and more using crystals and stones!

Discover the Ancient Secrets in Seven Targeted Steps

I was lucky to grow up with some of the world's most prominent natural healers. I started attending healing classes with my mom when I was just a kid. Since then, I have devoted my life to studying and advocating for natural healing.

I've excited to share the Seven Steps to Crystal Success with you! Here's what you can expect:

Start IMMEDIATELY in the Right Direction:

  • Find out how to get started with crystals and stones by setting an intention. This can be tricky, but is easy if you have this key information. 
  • Learn what to do and what to avoid if you want to utilize crystals and stones to attract money or love.
  • Learn why common practices like building crystals grids are not effective and more effective ways to use crystals and stones!
  • Discover how you can get your stones and crystals to choose you. At first this may seem hard to grasp, but it's actually easy to do!

Understand How to Build Your Intuition and Attract Success with Crystals and Stones:

  • Find out how to align your crystals and stones with your energy for the best results.
  • Learn how to meditate with your crystals and stones and use them to clear stubborn energy blocks to reach your goals.
  • Learn how to use crystals and stones to tap into your intuition and uncover the answers you already have within!
  • Discover how to use your crystals and stones to create an energetic shift to remove negative patterns in your life and develop positive ones instead.

Learn the KEY Secrets of Using Crystals and Stones:

  • Find out why you need to be very careful about giving and receiving crystals and stones.
  • Find out why going to a crystal “expert” for a reading could be the worst thing you can do and how YOU can be your own expert! 
  • Learn how to integrate other common natural healing tools into your crystals and stones practice.
  • Learn what to do if you are using crystals and stones and it's not working and how to easily readjust your practice to get on the right track!
  • Get four printable guides within the Seven Steps and a wealth of insider knowledge that you'll ONLY find in this course!
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