5 Best Detox Tips for Complete Beginners

It can be confusing to find out how to do an effective full-body detox because a lot of the info online is just plain wrong. How do we know this? We've spent 20+ years researching the easiest and most effective ways to naturally detox and cleanse the body. That's why we're excited to share the 5 best detox tips for complete beginners with you here. 

These targeted detox tips enable you to uncover the EXACT steps to get the real detox cleanse results you are looking for—even if you have never detoxed before. The great news is that doing a life-improving and deep detox is easy when you know the right approach! 

5 Best Detox Tips for Complete Beginners

Unfortunately, a lot of the detox information out there revolves around expensive and complicated supplements that companies are trying to sell you. 

Thus, it can be really confusing when you are trying to find a detox approach that you can trust! That's why we've spent so much time doing the research to uncover what works the best. Not only does knowing the right way to detox save time and money, an effective detox can recharge your wellness journey in new, powerful and life-changing ways!

Tip 1: Do a Fully Body Scan to Locate Areas in Need of Detox Support 

Start by sitting comfortably on the floor or in a chair. Before you start, make sure that you have eaten and are well hydrated. Also, find a time when you can be by yourself and not be interrupted. It can be helpful to set the mood by dimming the lights or playing soft music. Do whatever you need to do to get into a relaxed and focused state of mind. Have a pen and paper handy. 

Next, visualize yourself scanning your body from head to toe to carefully evaluate chronic issues. You might picture a light moving over your body. Use deep breathing to recognize any issue(s) that you want to address while you scan your body.

Don’t judge this process, simply acknowledge and write down anything that comes to mind. What you might find is that you start writing down chronic problems that you have “learned to live with,” like nagging headaches, teeth issues, destructive emotions and/or weight gain.

You may be surprised that when you are doing your body scan, something just pops into your head that has seems to be the root of your issue(s). By scanning your body, you get in touch with yourself to focus on your unique detox goals.

When you are finished with your scan, keep the notes that you jotted down handy to help you choose the right detox approach for the issues you want to address.  

Tip 2: Detox the Right Way By Avoiding Common Mistakes

How many times have you encountered a detox that requires starving your body to "clean it?!" This is not how detoxing works. 

When you put your body into starvation mode, it can be counterproductive to your detox and even downright dangerous. 

Remember that the main objective of your detox is to help renew your body and reach your wellness goals, such as weight loss, a more vibrant appearance and beating stress.  

When you starve yourself of nutrients, you are shocking your system and not healing and nourishing your body. Plus, chances are that you will binge eat later if you try to restrict your eating. This can be really hard on your system and thus harsh detox efforts do more harm than good. 

The best detox approach is to use vital detox nutrients and/or tools, while  making only slight adjustments to your current routine. This can be as easy as implementing a few key changes, while otherwise eating normally.

How to Plan Your Detox  

1. Remove two foods/drinks from your diet that you find most problematic such as soda or a certain fast food. 
2. Replace those two foods/drinks with healthy alternatives such as filtered water, detox nutrients and/or raw vegetables. 
3. Follow a proven detox plan to help you achieve your specific detox goals.

Tip 3: Effectively Deliver Detox Nutrients to Your Body 

HOW you take your detox nutrients matters! Our bodies need to recognize nutrients in order to utilize them. Teas, broths and smoothies are a wonderful delivery method!

Unlike some supplements that simply pass through the body without any impact, liquids flush your system with nutrients in a way that your body can absorb and utilize.

Plus, it’s easy to integrate liquids such as teas, broths and smoothies into your day. Also, hot teas in the summer can be refreshing. You might not know this, but when we drink something hot in warm weather, our tongue receptors tell our body to cool off. This is why you’ll see people drinking hot tea in warm weather climates.

Also, keep in mind that tea and smoothie detox ingredients can be medicinal and you need to be aware that herbs can interact with your medications. Thus, please make sure to check with your doctor about the best herbal detox teas that you want to try to make sure that the tea is a good fit for your unique needs!

You can combine a variety of teabags in a large mug, or play around with ingredients to create a delicious nutrient rich broth or smoothie blend.  

Consider buying your favorite herbs or smoothie detox ingredients in bulk to save money. In addition to drinking teas, broths or smoothies, you can use herbs to lightly steam your face or as a healing compress. After you are done, you can compost used tea herbs into your plant soil!

Tip 4: Use Acupressure to Go Beyond Food and Drinks for a Deeper Detox 

It’s important to recognize that there are additional detox tools beyond food and drinks to help promote a natural full-body detox. One simple tool to utilize is Acupressure.

Acupressure works when muscular tension is released by applying pressure at specific acupoints or pressure of the thumbs on specific points, known as “energy meridians.” These meridians are strings connecting acupuncture points, which are considered as passageways through which energy flows throughout the body.

Many people who do acupressure, report numerous positive effects after a treatment. In fact, acupressure is widely regarded to help treat pain and enhance relaxation. This makes it a helpful detox tool to remove blocks both energetically and physically.

Some find deep and meaningful detox relief using an acupressure mat to help relieve chronic neck and back pain

Tip 5: Detox Your Emotions For More Results

It can be easy to forget the intricate connection between our emotions and physical health. 

Detoxing your emotions can make a world of difference when it comes to achieving your wellness goals. 

An easy, yet powerful way to perform an emotional detox is to use this ancient European letter-writing method.

This method has been used with great success for many decades and is an ideal exercise to do right before you are headed to bed. 

Take out your most beautiful stationery or a nice piece of paper, like you would use to write a poignant letter to a friend. But instead of addressing the letter to a friend, start by addressing the letter to yourself with Dear (Your Name),

Next, write down anything and everything that is bothering you. Don't think about it. Just write it down and let it flow out like water from a faucet. 

Chances are you are going to be surprised at what comes out of you. Don't stop and read what you are writing, just write until you feel like you got out what you needed to express. At the end of your letter write Sincerely, and sign your name like you would do with any other letter. 

Next, fold the letter and go to sleep. You might cry or express emotion about what you wrote down. You might even dream about it, which is good. It's all about letting it out. 

In the morning, find a quiet place where you can be alone and read the letter back to yourself out loud. Receive your own words with love, acceptance and forgiveness. This is what is bothering you that you needed to get out. 

Lastly, burn the letter in a safe way. If you don't feel safe burning it, rip into little pieces and put it down the drain. Feel yourself letting the emotions go. 

If you still have a lot of pent up emotions, continue to write yourself letters like this until you feel like you've gotten it all out.

This simple letter-writing method can detox your emotional state to help you come to a place of resolution and meaningful healing. You might be surprised how much this simple letter writing method helps you. ❤️‍🩹 

This article is information only and not medical advice. Always consult your doctor about any and all medical needs. 

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