3 Important Parasite Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

3 Important Parasite Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

Let’s face it. No one wants to talk about having a parasite infection or the disturbing symptoms associated with parasites.  

Often people suffer in silence and never know that their symptoms are due to parasites.

While we accept that our pets can contract parasites, the fact that humans can also have parasites is often ignored.

Not only that, but some people struggling with parasite infections experience important symptoms and never suspect parasites are behind it.

Parasite symptoms can be broad and include bloating, indigestion, stubborn weight gain, allergies, stress, anxiety, swelling, depression, irritability, headaches, insomnia and brain fog. 

That's why parasite cleansing and detoxing is probably the most powerful wellness tool that most people have never heard about.

Some believe that humans can only get parasites by traveling to exotic countries, but you can actually get parasites close to home.  Experts estimate that as many as  80% of people have parasites living in their intestines.

So how do you know if you have parasites?

Check out these 3 Important Signs of a Parasite infection—all backed by science and research—to look for to help you determine if you need a parasite cleanse.

Symptom 1: Creepy Worm Crawling

Pinworms, whipworms, seatworms and threadworms are common parasites that live in the intestines and rectal area. These types of worms begin as larva in the small intestine and move to the large intestine to mate.

When the females are ready to lay eggs, they crawl out and deposit thousands of eggs around the anus in order to continue to thrive and multiply.

While this might sound like something out of a science fiction novel, it is absolutely true and how worms use human hosts to thrive.

Since these parasites live in our intestines, they can affect gut health and cause chronic inflammation, bloating and indigestion. 

People struggling with worms often experience rectal/anus/vagina itching, skin rash and/or crawling skin. In fact, many suffer for years and never know that their chronic itchiness is caused by worms. 

While you might imagine huge worms crawling in your body, these destructive intestinal worms are tiny and hard to see with the human eye. 

By using the most effective parasite cleansing method, you can fight and remove worms hiding in your body.

Symptom 2: Unnatural Food Cravings

Have you ever felt like food cravings are driving your life? Almost like you are eating to feed something inside your body that feels almost beyond your control? Since parasites count on their human host to thrive, these invaders can drive unnatural and destructive food cravings.

Often, parasite related food cravings revolve around sugar and two common night shade vegetables: tomatoes and potatoes.

Sugar – Research shows that parasites use sugar as fuel and to distract the host's immune system so that they can go undetected. These intense sugar cravings can lead to weight issues, blood sugar imbalances and malnutrition because your food is feeding parasites.

Unfortunately, sugar is found in most processed foods and even hidden in dinner foods where you least expect it. If you love sugary foods and drinks, raw honey is nutrient rich and can help you wean yourself off sugar. 

Tomatoes - Protozoa is a destructive parasite known for an array of symptoms including digestive issues, headaches, acne, allergies, rashes, arthritis, cramps, mood swings, fogginess and increased weight gain in the upper abdomen.

Protozoa parasites have an affinity toward nightshade plants like tomatoes. If you are craving tomato based foods, this might be an indication you have a protozoa infection.

Potatoes -  (not sweet potatoes) are another nightshade plant you might crave if you are struggling with protozoa. If you are reading this and thinking you love tomatoes and potatoes, this is a good indication that you can benefit from a parasite cleanse.

Symptom 3: Parasite Activity During Full Moon

It is a scientific fact that during a full moon we naturally produce less melatonin and more serotonin, which makes parasites more active.

Therefore, with parasites you may notice that you feel more anxious, bloated, tired, emotional, stressed and/or depressed during the full moon.

Especially look for mood changes and excess bloating that seems to come around once a month. 

Women may mistake full moon parasite infection symptoms as monthly menstrual symptoms. Consider tracking the full moon cycle to see if there is a connection.

You can fight full moon parasite symptoms by performing multiple quick and targeted cleansing activities both leading up and during the full moon to thwart parasites.

Plus, you'll find that these activities are quick and even fun to do. Yes, you can love to cleanse your body, while getting great results!

How Do I Get Rid of Parasites?

The great news is that there are many easy natural methods to fight parasites and flush them from your body. 

The best parasite cleansing approach comes from 20 years of research and results. Learn a systematic and complete approach to get rid of parasites and discover multiple wellness benefits.

It's easy to naturally combat parasites once you know the exact steps to get rid of parasites and rebuild and renew your body!  

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